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How Will Time Off Benefit You As Employers?

How Will Time Off Benefit You As Employers?

Time off is a policy in some employee handbooks that provides employees to trade their overtimes hours for off days. Employees value the flexibility that time off provides. It gives them the option of using the Time Off when they most need it—whether to care for a sick child who can't go to day care or to take a vacation with the family at the beach.
In a competitive labour market, there are positive effects for employers to implement such policy:

  1. Fewer unplanned absences. Time off policy gives the employer some control over unscheduled absences, a serious problem. Employees can schedule time off in advance with their manager which assists with work coverage.
  2. Employees “own” their time off days. They're in control. And when someone is treated like adults, they act like adults.
  3. Better morale. Employers wanted employees to work hard, but the employees need to be able to take their time off to reduce stress and recharge their batteries in order to continue working hard.
  4. Attractive employer. Implementing a time off policy will make the company more attractive to workers and helps in worker retention.
  5. Employees are more committed to do OT when required. Time off policy encourages employees to work harder and put in overtimes when the situation called for it because they know the company will treat them fairly.

However, despite the benefits, to implement and manage employee time off can be challenging because time off requests could result a huge administrative burden on HR and payroll. It is not easy to enforce time off policy without a system across the workforce, tracking usage, balances and expirations.
Frontier e-HR Time Off Module is designed to make employee time off tracking easy:

  • Self-service time off requests for employees and supervisors can easily review and approve the requests anywhere and anytime.
  • Consistent application of time off policies across the workforce by entity to prevent liabilities.
  • Integrated with our Time & Attendance.
  • Provides visibility into usage and balance information through detailed reporting.

Would you like to know more about our Time Off system and how we can help you?